Mind and Body Wellness

Stress affects your brain, heart, lungs and your digestive system.

Studies show that stress can have a significant effect on your health. It can trigger the onset of disease by weakening immunity and can lead to premature ageing. With so many demands from our personal and professional lives, sometimes stress is  unavoidable.

When these demands are constant, our bodies are left depleted of the hormones needed to deal effectively with stress. We may experience too much or too little sleep, cravings for high sugar foods and caffeine, weight gain or loss, lashing out at others and other negative symptoms. The end result is a downward spiral that takes its toll on our minds and bodies and quality of life.

We offer a natural, holistic way to reduce stressachieve relaxation, and feel more rejuvenated.

What we do:

We do a Nutritional Analysis, to firstly identify your nutritional status. We then support your body with nutrients for your bio-chemical individuality. We apply Ayurvedic Science philosophies, founded over five thousand years ago; time tested mind & body principles that develop a mind body awareness. Other natural therapies to suit your needs are also applied to promote healthy digestion while lowering and managing cortizol levels (stress), decreasing heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. Our goal is to  help you achieve your optimal health!

With a focus on nutrition, as the foundation of optimal health on a cellular level and drawing on the principles of Hippocrates, “Food as medicine”,  we create a lasting change in your mind and body wellness.

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