What People Are Saying:

 I lost 97 pounds! I never thought eating properly can make you feel great and lose weight at the same time.

My Doctor recommended Danielle. I came to see her in 2016. It’s been well over a year, and for the first time, I have not gained any weight back. I didn’t want to be a victim of chronic diseases which run in my family. I think this program saved my life. I used to be hungry all the time, now I’m not. I was shocked that just by eating the right foods together can make feel full, not hungry. It’s a lifestyle and I don’t miss anything. Unbelievable! I’m shocked at how well the program is working. It’s just fantastic! No more bloating feeling, I’m fitting in clothes, my body has no more aches and pain, I’m doing things I could never do before.

The program was easy to follow. I’m eating things I never thought I would like, and I even get to drink my beer as long as I keep the balance. I get it! This program is not like the other weight loss programs I tried in the past. This is about eating real food properly. By eating like me, my girlfriend lost 35lbs. I’m so glad I picked up the flyer and came to see Danielle, it changed my life. It’s just amazing! I tried so many other programs (Punes, Browns, Weight Watchers, Bernstein). This is the only weight loss program that actually works and makes you healthier! I can’t thank Danielle enough for all her work. She changed my life.

Andrew Pevide – Toronto

I lost 35 pounds in 3 monthsI had no idea it would come off so quickly! I haven’t been this weight since my 20’s.!! 6 inches off my waist – 5 and 1/2 off my hips – 4” off my thighs. In the first 16 days I lost 15 pounds. 20 pounds in the first month and today I officially weighed in at my goal weight (3 months later) having lost 35 pounds! A healthy BMI of 22 which puts me at a much lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. All of which plague my family history. My high blood pressure, vertigo and joint pain are gone! I also have so much more energy!! It was a breeze! I highly recommend Danielle to hold your hand through the process. She made The Metabolic Balance nutrition program so easy.

Lisa Falla RMT- Toronto

In 2013, my doctor Dr. Ira Bernstein MD said that all my blood levels were high and that I would have to meet with a nutritionist, but I was very skeptical.  When I first started Danielle’s program in February 2014, I weighted in at 228 lbs.    Three months later I now weight in at 200 lbs.   I have lost a lot of body fat and on my way to living a healthy lifestyle.   In May I had my blood tests done again and all are extremely good.  I have more energy now to do the things I have always wanted to do.    A little hint that was passed down to me that I can help others with is don’t consume manufactured foods, but only eat foods from the earth and read those labels. If you eat healthy and exercise on a daily basis, you can do it too.   I am living proof of that.

Rosanna Young – Toronto

I am amazed at what Danielle has taught me and how much I am using that knowledge every day! I now think before I eat, about what I am eating and understand a lot more than I did before I started to see Danielle. I know I still have a lot more to learn and will keep seeing Danielle. I would highly recommend Danielle Turk Holistic Nutritionist without hesitation!

Adele Aston  M-ASA

After many years of trying to deal with a health issue and after consulting with many other nutritionists I found that I was still at loose ends. Danielle however,  was excellent at assessing my health needs. With a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise, Danielle put me on a new nutritional lifestyle path which has allowed me to perform to my maximum each day. Her passion for healthy living is contagious and under her guidance, my new eating regime has been a wonderful new learning journey.

Beth Singer, Toronto

What you taught me has changed the way I eat forever. Thanks, Danielle, I learned so much from you, and still use the recipes to this day!
Aaron D., Executive Director, Corporate Relations, Capital Markets Group

Through the program and coaching with Danielle Turk, I am now pain-free for the first time in 25 years; my blood pressure is normal and I no longer need pills. I am 20 lbs lighter and have not had a single gout episode. Thank you, Danielle, for giving me a new lease on life.

Jeffery T. – Your Home Development Corp.

I can strongly endorse Danielle Turk CNP who provides nutritional counseling to my patients in the office as well as her private practice.

Dr. Ira Bernstein B.Sc, M.D., C.C.F.P., F.C.F.P.

The project and presentation were outstanding. Danielle’s passion and excitement for sports nutrition, in addition to her keen knowledge and commitment to exemplary research was impressive. It was an absolute pleasure working with Danielle! Dr.

Adriana Restagno, ND – Director, Professional Division, CanPrev Premium Natural Health Products

Danielle is a true professional whose knowledge and passion continue to inspire me.  A pleasure to work with!

Marsha Fenwick, Respiratory Therapist